Educational admissions

First ever Educational Consulting of this Kind is an official consultant in field of educational admissions , helping individuals and institutions to target their final destiny, as the way our team holds its several years of its expertise in providing admissions for students.

The institutions, individuals can fulfill their academic requirement by gathering the best leads from floating visitors of this portal and off-line office.

  • Best School, Colleges and Universities gathering from the entire world.
  • Individual Counseling for students / Parents to make them understand the value of Career.
  • School, Colleges, Engineering, Medical, B-School, Fashion Technologies, Hotel Management, Aviation and Many other career orientation programs.
  • Complete guidance for educational loans from Different Govt Pvt Banks.
  • Many other services information regarding education like migrations transfer certificates.
  • Govt. Credentials. …..

We team Maestro, ambitious Agriculture professional group Aspired by Demand Scope and Inculcation capacity of circumstances in present going time to time development of Raising Nation and Sun Rising States.

With a fortunate expertise in the Educational consulting sector from last 12 Years in many National and International Universities, from the Residing and other states, as I observed hand rising demand for Agriculture Education from last few Years, there was a good contribution from my team to the Universities .although the confusion running in the minds of Students and Parents regarding the Compliance or Approvals (I C A R) which again in return says it’s not a mandatory Board but an uprising Entity, So especially the Migration Percentage of Students from our states in which North State Holds preference with maximum number of Students migrated, my contribution to the Universites we hear by Promise to take up the Sun Rising Challenge again and carry forward the complete efforts asserts all the energy levels achieved this year and make this new Season a Grand Success.. With complete Promotion Counseling closer Future supports for Students if any.


At this present state of affairs we are pleased to Express about our most esteemed vertical, Corporate Training where the team has expertise training unit with the least of 4 years to the best of 30 years. A Venture of Corporate Training Live Projects R & D Division Our Corporate Training Managerial Training programs, Live Projects and R & D & Executive Coaching cover a wide range of skills that organizations and institutions requires. At this present state of affairs we are pleased to associate with you in our most esteemed vertical, Corporate Training where the team has expertise training unit with the lease of 4 years to the best of 30 years. This training unit has developed a specialized L3 corporate training program for the individuals which turns a individuals to an Independent Individual horning his/her hidden skills to perform their best at Interviews and professional life.

We are proud to introduce high quality flair of program in absolute corporate L3 process, where L3 resembles to the level of training. INSTITUTIONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL LOGIN More than the above our site have a wide exposure for educational institutions to post their students database directly in the portal, companies / organizations can select the exact requirement from the institutions & organizations to post their requirement so as students / institutions can search for their exact opt.


Our training solutions will enable any kind of individual to hold the best quality in terms of Professional Behavioral, Management Abilities, Team Building, Leadership Qualities, Improvising Patience, People Management and will also lend a hand in their personal growth. Considering the market status, we are proud to announce our high quality flair of program in absolute corporate I3 process, where I3 resemble the levels of training. This very process of training is highly effective and is very especially designed by the team which is having a decade’s of expertise and experience in training.

I1 - initiate

This level of training is portioned into three fragments which cover the complete training profile; with English Language, Accent Neutralization and Personality Development, where our masters would cater the team by meticulously training them on all these segments helping them sharpen their talents and improvising their confidence levels by various games and assignments.

I2 – influence

This level of training is very unique, one of its kind level where the team follows a vice versa process, by making students as trainers and trainers as students (Train The Trainer). In this very special Level, each and every student will have ample time and opportunity to come forward, demonstrate, present their way of putting things across, exercising them in all the skill sets.

I3 - instigate

This very extensive level will lead the students to launch themselves successfully into this competitive world by the most elite exercises, such as Role Plays, Instant Speaking on the given Topics, Group Discussions, Self Introduction, Marketing/ Selling the Products, Mock interviews etc.,. This level would also comprise of the practical demonstrations by our trainers for interview facing, transforming students as professionals with the best of their confidence, talent and improved perfection.

  • Grammar
  • Parts of Speech
  • Tenses
  • Vowels & Consonants
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Decorating the Sentence
  • Sentence Stress
  • Active & Passive Voice
  • Linking in English
  • Pronouncing “ed”
  • Free Speech
  • Word Building
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Q & A
  • Essay Writing
  • Consonant Sounds
  • Sentence Construction
  • Word Stress
  • Pronouncing “the”
  • Reading Exercise
  • Speaking Exercise
  • Homophones
  • Activities
  • Puzzles
Accent Neutralization
  • What is an Accent?
  • What is Accent Neutralization? Triphthongs
  • International Phonemic Alphabets
  • Phonemic Chart
  • Monophthongs
  • Diphthongs
  • Pausing
  • Voice Modulation
  • Pronunciation
  • Linking
  • Sounds
  • Intonation
  • Pace
  • International Culture
  • Mouth Exercise
  • Navigator Codes
  • Activities
Personality Development/Soft Skills
  • What is Self Confidence?
  • How is Self Confidence Built?
  • Self Confidence & Effectiveness
  • Self Confidence & Ability
  • Improve Knowledge & Ability
  • Self Esteem/ Leadership Qualities
  • Positive Thinking
  • Self Conquer
  • Steps for Building Self Confidence
  • Tap Your Potentials
  • Inner Filter
  • Get Rid from Comparisons
  • Giving Your Best
  • Aim for Personal Excellence
  • Boost Your Talent
  • Improve Your Inner Dialogue
  • The Origins of Self Criticism
  • High Energy And Enthusiasm
  • Talking More Positively to Others
  • Time Management & Importance
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Group Discussions
  • Memory Improvement
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Meditation
  • Breathe Techniques
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Sales Techniques
  • T Q M
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Maintaining discipline i in life
  • The Displacement Law
  • Statements of Hope
  • Love & Its Results
  • Expanding Your Network
  • The Value of People
  • Team Building
  • Power of Spirit
  • Remove Inferiority
  • Develop Superiority
  • Ego & Its Effects
  • Self Motivation
  • Positive Attitude
  • Success & Stories
  • Act Now
  • Body Language
  • Thinking Out of Box
  • Delete Nervousness
  • Organizing
  • People Management Skills
  • Activities
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Interview Facing Techniques
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Brain Activation
  • Guilt And Ego Elimination
  • Yoga
  • Visualization
  • Pranayama
  • Attitudinal Skills
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Six Sigma
  • Business Language
  • Many More

JOB Placements

A Venture of Corporate Placements

With a wide workability Job Fairs and Placement programs in an Around Institutions. JOB FAIRLY.COM (Former now it is M D Jobs) A Multi dynamic Placement Service having the significance of its own, enabling the companies to trust the experience of ours in the field of training and placements for managing complete employee requirements of your organization with 100% satisfaction. M.D Jobs supports the two way visitor as the companies/organization get registered With us directly and post in their complete employee requirement. The Jobseeker (Fresher & Exp) has freedom to search their best suitable vacancy. Maestro Dynamics

Corporate and Academic Events

The Cover page performance of any Organization can be shown only at the stage where it can publish or promote the sources or strengths; at this stage we in tern conduct many Corporate and Academic Events as Job Fairs, Educational Fairs, ON/OFF Campus placement Drives, Guest lectures, H.R Interactions and many f this kind events